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Drone Footage & Park Adventures

Image (96)Hey, Shane here. Felt like we had a busy weekend. We had friends who came to town, which is always a lot of fun. We took them around Charlotte and Waxhaw, went to some restaurants, ate, and had a good time. They left on Sunday, and me and Holly took some time to recover. And then we had our normal week, except we did a ton of videos on Tuesday, and when I say a ton, I mean a lot. We shot stuff in the office, and we shot stuff out in the park. All of this is for the website, so we had a director come in, and he even took some drone footage. I'm looking forward to being able to post that. Everybody likes drones and it is cool, the things they can do now for all of us.

Image (95)On Thursday, me and Holly came down to Georgia. Had a laid-back lunch on Friday with my folks where we picked up Chick-fil-A. Friday night, we had some friends come over to the house. They brought some Pizza Hut from Newnan, which we enjoyed and then we watched two movies on Netflix.

We watched the new Roadhouse movie and we watched that mainly because Conor McGregor was in it, and I'm a huge UFC fan, so we wanted to see him in the movie. I thought he did okay in the movie. He was a little over the top in some of his scenes, but I think that was the character he was playing. And Conor McGregor is an over-the-top kind of guy anyway, so it seemed to fit. It was a fun and interesting little movie. They did deviate somewhat from the source material of the original Roadhouse. It is tough to compare to Patrick Swayze, but I think he tried, so it was a good movie.

And after that, we watched Ricky Stanicky on Netflix, which has both Zac Efron and John Cena in it. I thought John Cena did a great job. I found it interesting that, Zac Efron has now been in a movie with John Cena and The Rock, which is kind of crazy. I know in the reviews, Ricky Stanicky was rated as like a 6.2 but I thought it was pretty funny. I enjoyed watching it, but I am a John Cena fan and think he is a pretty funny guy. So, if you're looking for some light-hearted comedy, I think that is a good one to watch and would recommend it to anybody. I think probably Ricky Stanicky was better than Roadhouse, unless you're just a UFC fan like me, in which case, you're watching just to see Conor McGregor.

Image (97)Saturday, we just had a stay-around-the-house day. I did get some plants. I want to try growing my own bell peppers and onions because we eat a lot of fajitas. And I know a lot of people grow tomatoes, but we wanted to try these because I think we're much more likely to use peppers and onions than tomatoes. Neither me nor Holly know a lot about planting stuff, but we'll just see how it goes!

And then Sunday, we flew to Texas for some treatment. There is a place there that has gotten really good results in reducing knee pain by doing some stem cell treatment. I wanted to get some in my knee because it has been bothering me again. I had a meniscus tear that I put off for years and years after I got out of the army, which I find ironic now because that's one of the things I caution people against doing is having a tear in their meniscus or even in their shoulder and putting it off. But that's exactly what I did, and I was in pain for years. And finally, when it got so bad, I said, let's go have the surgery. And then I had it and I was like, holy cow, why in the world did I put this off for a decade? So, I'm pretty passionate about that issue. It's probably been 10 years since I had surgery on my knee and it's gotten to where it's achy, which is no surprise. They told me even when they did the surgery 10 years ago that I was having cartilage issues and that was going to get worn down. So, it looks like it's at that point.

Image (91)I've also got some arthritis in my hands. I figured that's from all those years of doing Taekwondo maybe, or I don't even know what, but I've got it there. So, they give you this treatment and it's supposed to reduce the inflammation and make the joints not nearly as achy as they are. I'm crossing my fingers; I hope that will help the arthritis in my hands and my knee. If anybody has any suggestions on other ways to deal with arthritis, I'd love to hear it,

But we flew out on Sunday. We were tired because part of it is you have to go off any painkillers and things like that. And through all the travel and the cold weather, my knee was pretty achy. We ended up just eating in the hotel we were staying at, which was a nice western-themed place, which was no surprise because we were in Texas. We had a quick meal, and then just went to bed. Got up Monday, went to the place, and had the treatment, which was short and sweet. It was less than an hour, we were in and out, so it was great as far as time goes. There's nothing more frustrating than going to the doctor and having to chill way past your appointment. After the treatment, we got ready to leave and then we flew back that same night. So that was a long day but knocked it out and I am hoping for good results! Hope you had a good week and as always, if you are in pain, call Shane!

Paw Offices of Teddy, Robin, & Kingston

Image (93)Hey guys, Robin here. As you know, I am staying in High Point while my brothers, Noah and Sam, go to college. So, I'm chilling with them and it's great living in college! I get to see lots of people all the time!

I think I'm on great behavior. I mean, especially considering people come in the house and I see all these strangers and there's all this activity outside with cars going up and down the street. I think I'm a great dog. All well-behaved.

I do sometimes let Noah and Sam know when a car goes by the front door or maybe a pesky cat runs around that's not one of the two cats that visit with me a lot, or whether there's a person who delivers a package or anything suspicious. I just let them know all the time! Most activities are suspicious right?!

Image (92)Somehow somebody decided that I needed to go to some obedience training or some such nonsense. I don't know. I think the boys just felt like they were in school all day, so I should have to go to school too. But anyway, they've got me lined up with this trainer to help me learn how to be more obedient, whatever that means.

They had me do some sort of class where I had to sit a whole bunch and shake hands and come to them when they called. Which I already do that, but I had to do it when they told me! Then they don't like me jumping on anybody. Really? I mean just, what a drag. But I am doing it.

Image (94)-1I met with my teacher and Noah and Sam, and we went through some stuff trying to get me to sit and come and obey. I definitely deserve an A but they said I'm going to have to keep going to class! I was like why? I mean, I think I've got it down!

It is exhausting going to class! I feel for all the college kids. I mean, you can see me afterward. I just had to take a break and just lay in my chair. Hopefully I won't have much more class. I can't wait for the summertime when I don't have any classes! I mean, if they make me go to school during the summer while they're on breaks, that really stinks. Otherwise, life is good. I hope everybody's doing well. Talk to you guys later. Robin out.


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