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Cat-titude and Courtrooms: Kingston's Paw-some Takeover of Shane Smith Law!

Hey, so this was a busy week. We were in Peachtree City. And if you read last week, we were there because we had flown out of Atlanta to go get some stem cells treatment in Texas. These are cord-donated stem cells, so they're from people who had healthy babies and donated cord blood. In the theory that the stem cells help your body regenerate and heal, mostly to combat arthritis. I've got some arthritis in one of my knees left over, I guess, too much road marching and running while I was in the army. They say I damaged a lot of cartilage there, and then Holly has some in her neck. What's cool is not a lot of downtime. So, I will let everybody know how it goes. They say it takes about 6 to 12 weeks for it to work, so we'll see.

But we'd flown down to Texas, stayed in a real nice sort of Texas-style hotel. What was cool is it was no more expensive than actually a lot of hotels over on the East Coast. So, I was pleasantly surprised at that. It was interesting, though. I'm used to staying at places that have a buffet for breakfast. This place did not have that. You had to just go down to the restaurant and do it. So that was different, but other than that, it was a lot of fun. It was near Austin, Texas.

We flew back Monday after the procedure and the rest of the week was just a normal week in Peachtree City. Now, obviously, no filming or videoing down there because of our video studio is in the Charlotte office, but still good to see the Peachtree City office, to catch up with everybody down there and do some work face-to-face. And then we always enjoy hanging out with my parents and Holly's parents. We got to see both groups.

Earlier in the week, we had had some Chinese from our Peachtree City Chinese place. We have been watching Shōgun on Hulu.Image (98) Caught up with that. And then Holly also wanted to watch The Walking Dead. Rick and Michonne have a little miniseries they were doing, and Holly was happy to watch that. She wanted us to watch it as it was released, because she was worried about getting spoilers. That used to be a pretty common thing when The Walking Dead was really super popular. People would post, "Oh my gosh, do you believe what happened?"

So watched those two, thought it was pretty good, all things considered. Shōgun we're current. I need to do a little research to see if Shōgun the series is supposed to cover the entirety of the book, because it was a massive book. If anybody read the Shōgun book series from ages ago, I think I read it in the '80s or the '90s, it was a super fat book then. I know on Audible; they've broken it up into two different books, Shōgun, Part One and Shōgun, Part Two. So, I'm curious how much the TV series is going to cover in this block of episodes, I guess, as well. So, looking forward to seeing how that develops. It was one of my favorite books as a teenager.

Image - 2024-04-02T163455.506With my family, we celebrated an early Easter on Saturday. Here is a picture of Holly all dressed up for Easter Sunday headed to my parents' house. With Easter dinner, we had some ham, stuffed eggs, and potato salad. And other than that, we came back to Charlotte late Saturday night. We were originally supposed to come Sunday morning, but we were worried about traffic and just came after Saturday night Easter dinner with my folks just for a quiet Sunday at home.

Image (100)Also, while out walking in Charlotte, we saw a honeybee swarm. I think this is what happens when the hive has produced a second honeybee queen and she's flown out and part of the hive is choosing to move with her. Here's a picture of it. I'd never seen one of these before that I can remember. This was pretty cool. I'd actually read about honeybees a while back. I think that's what this is. Image (99)If anybody else has better information, I would love to hear it, just send it to But it was pretty cool to see, and like I say, to see that many bees swarming and they weren't interested in stinging anybody or chasing around. I got fairly close for the picture and we walked right by it. Like I said, there were bees in the air but not chasing anybody or doing anything. So, it was super neat to see, and I would love to know more about it.

We had sent the boys an Easter Bunny pinata for them to celebrate. They stayed at High Point over Easter weekend. Here is a picture of them doing the pinata and an Easter egg hunt they did as well. Hope everybody had a happy and fun Easter and got to see their family and friends. Stay safe out there and remember if you are in pain, call Shane!

Paw Offices of Teddy, Robin, & Kingston

Image - 2024-04-02T163509.161Alright, settle in folks, 'cause Kingston's got a tail to tell, and it's gonna be a purr-fectly wild ride! Picture this: Shane Smith Law, where the suits are sharp, the coffee's strong, and the cases are crazier than a catnip-induced frenzy. That's where my story begins.

So there I was, just your average cool cat, minding my own business, when along comes Ted, with his wagging tail and big, slobbery grin. Now, Ted's got an eye for talent, you see, and he saw something special in me - a spark, a glimmer of legal genius just waiting to be unleashed. And boy, did he know how to sell it!

Image - 2024-04-02T164141.832With Ted as my hype dog, I strutted into Shane Smith Law like I owned the place - and let me tell ya, the reactions were priceless! Picture jaws dropping, eyes widening, and whispers spreading like wildfire through the office jungle. Robin, bless his heart, thought he had the number two spot locked down tighter than a can of tuna, but little did he know, I was about to turn his world upside down.

Now, you might be wondering, how does a cat fit into the cutthroat world of law? Well, let me tell ya, it's all about attitude, baby! With a flick of my tail and a wink of my eye, I let everyone know that Kingston wasn't just another pretty face - oh no, I was here to play hardball and take names.

And let me tell ya, it didn't take long for me to make my mark. From courtroom showdowns to late-night strategy sessions, I dove headfirst into the chaos of legal life, armed with nothing but my wits and a killer instinct. And you know what? I thrived!

Image - 2024-04-02T163502.387Sure, there were challenges along the way - skeptics who doubted a cat could cut it in a dog-eat-dog world, obstacles that seemed insurmountable at times - but did I let that stop me? Heck no! I pounced on every opportunity, clawed my way to the top, and left a trail of impressed colleagues in my wake.

And as for Robin? Well, let's just say he learned the hard way that you don't mess with the king of the jungle. With a mix of charm, cunning, and a healthy dose of catnip-induced swagger, I knocked him out of the number two spot faster than you can say "meow!"

So here I am, folks, ruling the roost at Shane Smith Law with Ted by my side and a gleam in my eye. They say it's a dog-eat-dog world out there, but let me tell ya, sometimes a cat's gotta show 'em who's really in charge. And as long as there's justice to be served and mice to be chased, you can bet your bottom dollar that Kingston will be right there in the thick of it, fighting tooth and claw for what's right.

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