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Puppy Party Alert! Join Teddy's Staycation Shenanigans!

Hey, it's been a busy week. I had my normal activities, but what was interesting is that me and my wife were going to go see Jordan Peterson in Nashville with my brother. Jordan Peterson's a conservative philosopher, and my brother had gotten tickets to see him, so we went with him.

Image - 2024-04-09T094602.787The presentation was a little stream of consciousness, but all philosophy just to get you thinking about stuff. It was interesting. We had a good time there. We ended up going down on Thursday. We stopped in Knoxville, and then on Friday, we headed the rest of the way to Nashville. My wife and I left Thursday after work, so we didn't get to Knoxville until late, but we just want to cut up the trip into smaller bites because it's about seven hours to Nashville from our house.

On the way there on Friday though, we ended up stopping at Buc-ee's. Buc-ee's is a massive gas station, on the interstate. I assumed that they appealed to truckers. I didn't know anything at all about Buc-ee's, and then when we got up there, they were like, nope, we don't even like truckers there. They got a no trucker sign, which I thought was insane. Still took RVs though, which was an interesting distinction, but the whole place is focused on regular people, I guess. Plenty of gas tanks.

Image - 2024-04-09T094539.509Image - 2024-04-09T094530.455On Friday when we went, it wasn't even that packed, which it's a crazy little store if you've never been in it. A crazy big store, I guess. Lots of clothes, knickknacks, I mean regular stuff, gas station type stuff. A lot of food there. We ended up taking a little bit of fudge, which was good, and got some beef jerky that we tried. We took the beef jerky home. Not overly salty or tough, which I thought was great, but for lunch, we had their beef brisket and then a Philly cheese steak burrito. I got to tell you; the Philly cheese steak burrito was great. I really enjoyed it, really recommend it. The tortilla was super soft. It had good sauce as well. I thought that was better than the brisket. Brisket was just a lot of barbecue sauce type flavor in it, which I thought sort of overshadowed the meat a little bit. But if you like barbecue sauce, it would be good. I thought the cheese steak burrito was much, much better than I anticipated and would highly recommend that. I had some cookies there that were fine. But that burrito was the best part there. We did get to meet Buc-ee the mascot while we were there, which was neat.

Image - 2024-04-09T094549.895Since we couldn't check into our Airbnb until like 3:00, we stopped at a place called the Christmas Place. Holly loves Christmas. I really enjoyed it as well, and they had all kinds of nice Christmas decorations, just a ton of different stuff. They said their hopping time period starts in September and goes through January. So, we enjoyed walking through it and seeing the different types.

Image - 2024-04-09T094558.098It wasn't even so focused on trees. It was lots of ornaments, but also just the stuff you set around your house at Christmastime, lots of nutcrackers, Santas, reindeer, and nativity sets. So just a really cool place. We were looking for a small nativity deer that you would put outside or something along those lines, and she directed us to another store a little way down the way, which sells concrete things that we thought might work. We ended up going there and didn't find anything that we were looking for but ended up with a small fairy toadstool we got to put in the yard. So those were two cool little stops on our way to Nashville.

Then we made it to Nashville, where we stayed at a little Airbnb. I'm always amazed at the difference in Airbnb’s that you can get. The place we stayed at was a nice little condo in the city close enough to walk to the stadium and walk downtown. So, we enjoyed that. Friday, we saw Jordan Peterson. Saturday, we walked down through Broadway and had dinner down there as well.

One of the things that was interesting to me is they have some boot stores, but then also inside the boot store, they have a bar. Which I thought was weird. I guess so you could drink while you were boot shopping, which was an interesting idea. I would not have thought about that. After, we went to a shop that sells cowboy hats. I ended up getting a hat that looks very much like another Stetson cowboy hat. Very similar to a hat I had. Mine just felt a little softer and older, but I wanted to get a newer one. I was hoping to get one almost exactly like mine, but this one's a little stiffer throughout the hat. I like it but will need to get used to the difference. That was really sort of Saturday.

Image - 2024-04-09T094614.728Sunday, we left to come back home. Ended up stopping again at a different Buc-ee's. We wanted to stop at the biggest Buc-ee's in the United States, which we did on the way back. It was packed, but that was also Sunday at the end of some of the spring break weekends. So that led to overcrowding. It was packed this day much more than I would like. Just took a long time to get in and out and all of that. I did get another cheese steak burrito, but that was about all we got that day.

Overall, it was a fun weekend. Got back home and you know how it is when you go out of town for the weekend. You got to wash everything and get ready for work the next day, which we did. One thing I will say is I'm super looking forward to UFC 300, which is next Saturday. It should be a huge fight card. There are tons of people on it. Alex Pereira is fighting Jamahal Hill. The co-main event is Weili Zhang versus Yan Xiaonan, which I met Yan at UFX last year and talked to her some. So, I'm really looking forward to that fight. I'm rooting for Yan. You got Justin Gaethje vs. Max Holloway, which should be just a banging fight. Then you got Charles Oliveira versus Arman Tsarukyan. I'm rooting for Charles. I think he's going to crush him. Then we got Bo Nickal versus Cody Brundage, which also, Bo performs to the past.

Going to be a quick, hard fight. So, looking forward to that. On the prelim cards, there are some good fights too. But honestly, the main card is just super stacked and I'm super looking forward to it. I can't believe Jerry is the last fight on the prelim card. I hate to see him knocked down to that level. But UFC 300 is just a stacked fight. If you're a UFC fan of any caliber whatsoever, I recommend you watch the fight or find a place to this coming weekend. Should be great. I'm looking forward to it. I know my boys are going to be as well. Hope you all are doing well. Remember, if you are in pain, call Shane!

Paw Offices of Teddy, Robin, & Kingston

Image - 2024-04-09T094459.352Hey, Teddy here. Can you believe it? Mom and Dad went to Nashville, and they left me! Yeah, they just left me like I was nothing. They packed up all their luggage, and then they took me to the office. I went into the room to say hello to my friend Kylo and bam, they were gone. They forgot me, I guess…

Now while they were out of town, I invited my friend Kylo over to the house and he hung out with me all weekend long! He decided to bring his human Jaclynn so she could feed us. I still can't believe they left me but that didn’t stop me from being the best host I could be! I let Kylo play with all my toys and treats! Image - 2024-04-09T094452.709

Then on Sunday, she left me! Yeah, I guess Kylo had to go home, so his human grabbed him and kidnapped him from my house! The worst part was I was just left at home in a cage. I was so sad but at least, Mom and Dad got home a little while after that and saved me.

But talk about a weekend that could have been a disaster. I'm glad my friend came over to hang out with me because being alone all weekend would be a long time. And he brought his human so she could feed us, which was good.

Overall, it was a good time. I just can't believe Mom and Dad just disappeared on me.

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