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How to give advice, without giving advice

Hey, so not too busy of a week last week. We were in the Charlotte location. We had our normal day-to-day stuff during the week. I did meet with my business group and go over some things with them. One thing they do is a presentation where somebody talks about an issue they're having and just gets feedback from everybody. But the feedback is based on your experiences. So, it's not telling them what to do. It's like, "Hey, I was in a similar situation. This is what I did, and this is how it worked out." Sometimes that's good, sometimes that's bad. Sometimes it's like, "Yeah, this is what I did. It didn't work out at all," just to let somebody know not to try that. So, it's a way to talk without advising someone to do a particular thing. It works well with entrepreneurs, which is why we do it that way.

Image (84)Also, we do coach. So, you talk to them in advance to try to narrow down what the topic is and what the problem is. Many times, what we find is you have a problem, but what you think the problem is, isn’t the real problem. For instance, if the problem was you're always showing up to work late, it's probably not a traffic issue. It's probably the issue that you don't get up 15 minutes earlier. So, you work through in advance with a coach to try to get down to the root of the problem or what the real issue is preventing you from solving that problem. So, in that example, you try to work down with your coach why you're not getting up 15 minutes early. Why are you not doing that? What's the real issue? And then how do you solve that real issue? Even if it is not getting up early, it's because you stay up too late playing on your phone at night, something along those lines, or why are you doing that? Why are you not making sleep a priority? Those sorts of things.

Image (81)So, it's interesting. We shot a lot of videos last week. I'm trying to catch up from when I was down in Peachtree City, where we don’t shoot videos. And then Wednesday I left the office a little early so I could go to High Point where my son is. He just had his birthday, he turned 20 years old. We took him to the restaurant on campus called Prime, which is a steak place if you're familiar with High Point University. They try to teach the kids how to go to a business lunch there, dress up and be respectful, be on time, and make reservations. The whole party gets there before they're seated. You're not supposed to be on your phone there. All things to encourage the kids to get used to having a business meeting or a business dinner around lunch. But we went there, and had a great time.

Image (86)It is kind of funny. We'd made a chocolate cake or yellow cake with chocolate icing for Sam's birthday when he was in town in Peachtree City, and that's what we ended up taking back to his house on Wednesday for them to finish up. But everybody's got those dishes you keep cakes in, but for whatever reason, we ended up putting it in some Tupperware because I think we were worried about it not coming back. You know how things are. You take stuff over to people's houses and it doesn't come back. So, then it was almost like smash cake because of putting it all in there. So, it was kind of funny, but I think the kids were all fine with it without any issues. I saw Sam open up some presents and then me and Holly came back to our Charlotte house and stayed there.

And then Thursday, it was just a recovery. It is a bit of a hike to go to High Point and back in one day. We had some friends coming over on Friday but before they got there I was trying to work on some taxes and get that information to the accountant. Corporate taxes or business taxes, a lot of times are due March 15th. So that was like the, "Oh crap, what do I need to get to them to close something down?" I hate waiting until the last minute.

And then we had some friends come to town on Friday and Saturday. Friday, we went out to our favorite Mexican place in Waxhaw. We did go for a little bit of a hike in Charlotte. There is a path called the 12 Mile Creek Trail, we did a little bit of a walk with Ted there, which was more than he was used to. He actually seemed like he was worn out and tired that whole day and the next day as well. Sometimes we forget that he's an older dog.

Saturday was crazy and busy. We ended up going to Hawkers again and just wandering aroundImage (82) the area. Then we dressed up and went to the Japanese sushi place near our house. We watched two of the fights on the main card. Those were interesting right at the end of the Saturday night. But overall, not a ton is going on in UFC. It's a fight night right after a big event. And then UFC 300 is coming as well, which is going to be a big event. So, it's still a good time.

Sunday I was just cleaning up and just relaxing after they left. We watched the movie Beekeeper with Jason Statham. Sort of a weird movie. I can see why it didn't do great. It was just a weird concept. This group organization outside the other government... It was just a weird little concept is what I would say.

Last night, we started watching the Taylor Swift concert. I'd be interested in anybody's feedback on what they thought of it. I still haven't finished it. That's on Disney Plus. So, if you have Disney Plus, you can catch it there. And that was really the week. Stay safe out there and remember, if you are in pain, call Shane!

Paw Offices of Teddy, Robin, & Kingston

Image (83)Hey. Ted, here.

What I would talk about is, if you've been around a while, you know I'm not a young French Bulldog, and haven't been for a little while. I was a rescue or a foster fail, and I just fell in love with Ma, so she kept me. But that's been a long time. I've been with Mom and Dad as they travel a lot. They go back and forth between Atlanta and Charlotte, over and over. But I'm not as young as I used to be. And it's even crazier when my brother, Robin, comes to visit because he just wears me out.

But Mom and Dad were at home this weekend, and they decided to go hiking. And there were some friends. And I went with them. And it was crazy. We went out and we walked and we walked and we walked and we walked some more. And Ma didn't even bring my little stroller that I get in sometimes. And I don't really like pictures of me in my stroller, because I don't like being that old. And it makes me feel like, ah, just a little weak.

Image (64)But when Ma goes on long walks around the neighborhood and stuff, she'll put me in the little stroller so I can go with her, because I really like to go. However, if I go too far, I get super sore. And just like anybody who's older, I get a little sore, as well, and I can't do all the things I used to do. So, this weekend when we went hiking, Ma did not bring my stroller. She told Dad, who was concerned I wouldn't be able to go, that I could do it, and tough it out. That was not the case. It was just too much for me. Ma had to carry me some. She was worried I would get too hot and walk. And if you've had a French Bulldog, you know we're allergic to life. And we can get hot. It's just tough.

I was sore the next day, just at the house. And even for our short little walk just around the lake, I had to get in the stroller most of the way. So, it was just ridiculous all weekend long, feeling old. If anybody's got any secrets to not feel so old, let me know. Otherwise, I'll see you in my ridiculous stroller that Ma uses to help me feel better!

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